Skiathos on Hamilton Island is now under new ownership. View the recent renovations in the gallery.

Why stay with us at Skiathos on Hamilton Island?

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Here you will find some useful information for your stay.

Skiathos on Hamilton Island is located at 9 Acacia Drive, Hamilton Island QLD 4803. You will need to know this if you would like to catch the bus back to Skiathos or plan to use a delivery service for food.

Hamilton Island can get busy during peak times like school holidays, Christmas or Hamilton Island Race Week. We suggest to make your stay more pleasurable, make your reservations for restaurants, cruises or resort activities soon after your arrival to avoid disappointment. If you are planning on purchasing groceries online before arrival you may have to place your order several weeks before your arrival date.

All of Skiathos on Hamilton Island Villas are fitted with full cooking facilities, so if you would like to cook up a gourmet feast or just toast for breakfast you have a few options to purchase food on Hamilton Island.

Hamilton Island General Store:

Located on Front Street opposite the Hamilton Island Marina, the Hamilton Island General Store has all your basic supplies to stock the pantry and fridge. You can either visit the store during your stay or purchase on line before you arrive and it can be delivered to Skiathos after your arrival which will save you the hassle of shopping for groceries directly after your journey to get here.
To find out the trading hours or shop on line visit and don't forget to include your Skiathos Villa number when entering the address.

Coles online:

You may have already used Coles Online to purchase your groceries at home, so this would be a good option to order your groceries. If not, this is another easy way to purchase all your food before you get to Skiathos on Hamilton Island. Coles Online only delivers on Hamilton Island Monday to Friday between 10am and 2pm and be aware that there can be several days or weeks delay during peak times as they can only make so many deliveries per day, so order early. Before you place your order remember to use the post code for Hamilton Island of 4803. Visit to start your order and don't forget to include your Skiathos Villa number when filling in the address.

Fresh Island Seafood:

Fresh Island Seafood will deliver the freshest Australian seafood right to your Skiathos on Hamilton Island Villa. Based in Hamilton Island, Fresh Island Seafood has a broad selection of seafood to feast on. Visit to see the full range, current prices and delivery times.

Hamilton Island Bottle Shop:

The Hamilton Island Bottle Shop is located under the Marina Tavern on Front Street. With a wide range to choose from, you will be able to relax on the Skiathos balcony while watching the sunset. You can contact the Hamilton Island bottle shop on 07 49464832.